Is California Getting Extra Food Stamps in 2023?

Here’s a question on the minds of many CalFresh recipients: Is California Getting Extra Food Stamps in 2023? Californians who rely on the CalFresh program, the state’s version of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), have been receiving extra food benefits known as “emergency allotments” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, with the recent passing of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, these emergency allotments are set to end in March 2023.

This blog post aims to provide details on why emergency allotments are ending, the impact on households, and where individuals can find additional food support.

"Is California Getting Extra Food Stamps in 2023"

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Is California Getting Extra Food Stamps in 2023

The emergency allotments were a temporary strategy enacted by Congress to assist low-income individuals and families during the pandemic.

However, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 concluded emergency allotments after the February 2023 issuance.

As a result, SNAP households’ benefits will return to their normal amounts by March 2023.

How many households are impacted by the end of emergency allotments?

All SNAP households have received a temporary boost in benefits through emergency allotments.

Therefore, when emergency allotments end, all SNAP households will experience a decrease in the benefits they receive.

Some households have already experienced this change, while others will notice it in February or March 2023.

No, at this time, other pandemic-related SNAP waivers, such as SNAP temporary student exemptions, are not ending.

These waivers are expected to remain in effect until the end of the federal public health emergency.

How does the Social Security Administration (SSA) cost of living adjustment (COLA) impact SNAP benefits?

The annual cost-of-living adjustment made by the Social Security Administration affects SNAP benefits.

As the 2023 COLA is the largest in 40 years, households receiving both SNAP and Social Security benefits will see a decrease in SNAP benefits due to the significant increase in Social Security benefits.

However, the decrease in SNAP benefits will be less than the increase in Social Security benefits, resulting in a net gain for households.

FAQs about the End of Extra CalFresh Benefits

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the expiration of the Extra CalFresh Benefits Program:

How much money will I lose in CalFresh benefits?

Starting in April, your CalFresh benefits will return to their pre-pandemic levels based on your eligibility.

The emergency allotments were a minimum of $95, so individuals will experience a reduction of at least $95 in their food benefits.

How will this affect Californians using CalFresh?

The end of emergency allotments will result in a significant drop in food benefits for CalFresh users.

For example, a single-person household could see their food aid decrease from $281 to as low as $23 per month.

These changes will particularly impact older adults, people with disabilities, and families with multiple children.

Where can I find additional money and support if my CalFresh benefits are dropping?

If your CalFresh benefits are decreasing and you need additional support, there are resources available.

Contact your local CalFresh office to ensure you’re receiving all the benefits you’re entitled to.

Additionally, food banks and organizations like the California Association of Food Banks provide free groceries and other assistance to those in need.

Is Governor Gavin Newsom taking any action to address the decrease in CalFresh benefits?

While some states, such as New Jersey, have taken steps to increase SNAP minimum benefits, Governor Newsom has been cautious.

That is because of the state’s projected $22.5-billion budget deficit.

Changes to the state budget are expected in May.

What legislative measures have been proposed to mitigate food insecurity in California?

State Senator Caroline Menjivar has introduced legislation to more than double the minimum monthly CalFresh benefit in California from $23 to $50.

However, implementing this measure would be costly for the state, amounting to over $500 million per month.

Will food banks be able to compensate for the loss of emergency allotments?

Food banks alone will not be able to fill the gap left by the termination of emergency allotments.

Stacia Hill Levenfeld, CEO of the California Association of Food Banks, has stated that the loss of pandemic food benefits, combined with the eventual expiration of electronic benefit transfer cards for low-income children, will result in a 30% loss to the state’s food safety net.

What is the potential impact on food insecurity in California?

The expiration of emergency benefits, along with high inflation and food costs, could push low-income Californians towards increased food insecurity.

Reports indicate that nearly 1 in 4 Los Angeles County residents experienced food insecurity last year.

The termination of emergency allotments may lead to further attempts at legislation to expand the social safety net.

Summary – Is California Getting Extra Food Stamps in 2023?

Californians who have been receiving extra food benefits through emergency allotments will see a reduction in their CalFresh benefits starting in April 2023.

The end of emergency allotments is due to changes in federal funding for SNAP programs across the United States.

It’s crucial for affected individuals to explore other sources of support, such as local food banks and social services offices, to mitigate the impact of the decrease in benefits.


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